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We understand that living spaces are as unique as their occupants and that no two are alike. As a vinyl and hardwood flooring supplier, we offer five amazing collections featuring different colors and material constructions to suit any room or decor.

When creating the Southern Luxe lineup, our seasoned hardwood flooring supplier took style, quality, durability, and price into account and meticulously addressed each point as it would relate to you, the customer. Wood species, materials, finish, edges, installation methods, and more were all considerations that went into the final product to ensure that our luxury hardwood flooring met the highest standards of quality and satisfied the most popular demands trending in the industry. We’ve removed all the guesswork to make your flooring selection process as easy as pie!

Light sandalwood flooring from expert hardwood flooring suppliers ties a modern kitchen together.

Prefinished Engineered

Timeless Beauty.

If you want to add a touch of old-world charm to your home, it's time to explore our lines of prefinished engineered luxury hardwood flooring available in 7.5", 9.5", and even 11.5" plank widths. Our hardwood flooring supplier offers many color options that will bring you back to a simpler time and evoke the distinctive allure of locations across the country, such as the coastal elegance of Nantucket. With lightly wire-brushed and smooth surface textures, this collection offers the variety you crave, featuring beautiful grain patterns and knotting that will add a unique accent to your home.

Dark Magnolia flooring adds dimension to a modern kitchen's atmosphere.


Solid, Legendary, Beautiful.

Across the country, the most popular flooring material is solid red oak, and there’s a good reason for that. Solid red oak is a wood species that holds as a staple in many households, and when it comes to aesthetics, hardness, and versatility, it’s the clear winner. While there are many timber species suitable for solid hardwood flooring, a hardwood flooring supplier looks at the trends and often dictates that the popularity of a given type of wood will change over time. Still, time after time, red oak has proven it’s an exception to the rule. No matter the season or the year, this gorgeous flooring type will reign supreme and deliver the ultimate luxury.

Raw alpine wood cut by hardwood flooring suppliers at Southern Luxe.


Engineered Simplicity.

If off-the-shelf flooring isn’t your thing, our line of unfinished engineered flooring is what you’ve been looking for. Crafted from planks of European white oak, available in 7.5” and 9.5” widths, this flooring material can be finished to your specifications. Whether you’d like the planks finished with a low-shine, grey-toned color that will evoke feelings of serenity or with an extra glossy, red-toned shade that will add warmth to your living space, our hardwood flooring supplier is here to help. Choose your ideal width, color, texture, and sheen, and in no time, your dream floor will be a reality.

Vinyl flooring suppliers install Willowmain vinyl flooring to complete a home kitchen.


Where Luxury & Practicality Meet.

If you’re on the hunt for flooring that’s extra-durable and sturdy, it’s time to explore our line of luxury vinyl plank flooring available in 7¼” and 9¼” wide planks. Unlike typical vinyl flooring, which is soft, flimsy, and vulnerable to scratches and dents, our vinyl flooring supplier recommends luxury vinyl planks. Vinyl planks feature a core made of stone polymer composite, which means they’re tough and ready for anything. Standard vinyl floors last 5 to 25 years, but our vinyl flooring can last a lifetime with the proper care.


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