Why engineered flooring?


The Many Choices of Flooring

When it comes to flooring, you have many choices from many different types of material, but the timeless beauty of natural hardwood remains unmatched in popularity. Did you know that there are two types of hardwood flooring though?

Solid hardwood flooring is constructed from single, solid pieces of wood and is the traditional construction type for hardwood flooring planks. Solid hardwood, however, can have disadvantages compared to other flooring types and may not be feasible to install in certain environments. Susceptible to moisture, solid hardwood flooring can be prone to cupping and crowning, meaning that it is not always ideal in high-moisture areas such as basements.

That’s Where Engineered Flooring Comes In.

Our engineered hardwood flooring is constructed using cutting-edge technology and is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional solid hardwood. Vintage Series floor planks consist of multiple layers of wood, each positioned in a different direction to prevent the type of warping, cupping, and bowing that can occur when moisture is introduced to an environment. 

The advantage to this three-layered plank construction is that our engineered hardwood can be installed in all grade levels of the home, including below ground. Combined with a solid hardwood top layer or “veneer”, the Vintage Series provides the same natural beauty as solid hardwood with the added benefits of increased durability and resilience against seasonal change. Our engineered flooring also offers easy care and maintenance.  


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