Modern Elegance In Darkness

In terms of popularity, dark hardwood floors currently hold the throne, and why shouldn’t they? When it comes to class, these rich, warm, elegant floors not only look the part, but they can add real value to a home. For a dark wood selection that never compromises elegance, Southern Luxe Flooring has you covered!



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Dark Hardwood Floors for your Home

If you are looking for dramatic, contemporary, contrasting interiors, dark hardwood flooring is a must. The deep hues offered by dark hardwood provide the perfect contrast to lightly colored walls, furnishings, and decor, while also accenting the beauty of the wood’s natural, rich grain patterns. 

Dark hardwood not only adds rich looks to a home, but is known to lend itself to greater rewards in terms of home-value. Highly popular and sought-after by home buyers, dark wood flooring can really set a home apart when it comes to resale value. For those looking to get the most return from their flooring investment, dark hardwood floors are hard to beat. 

If you are considering dark hardwood flooring but aren’t convinced yet, there is another great advantage to dark-hued boards: fade resistance! While the sun tends to become an enemy of lightly colored floors due to fading over time, dark hardwood absorbs sunlight and is not prone to a change in color due to exposure. Check out our collection of beautiful dark hardwood flooring and add some polish to your home.